Friday, January 18, 2013


Well I am about a week in a half into training and it's going pretty well I will be meeting with my trainer Gene Nelson this Saturday to practice my posing I am pretty excited but nervous at the same time. I think the reason for the nerves is because Gene has been doing this for 25yrs and knows exactly what he is doing and what he is looking for. I know he will push me as hard as he can to get me to reach my full potential and that's the exciting part for me I know that I will be able to get it done with a lot of practice and hard work.

As for my diet, it is going great. I am eating between 30-40oz of lean protein (chicken breast, fish or lean beef), 2-3 protein shakes, 3-4 cups of some kind of complex carbs (whole wheat pasta, brown rice or quinoa) and 2-3 cups of vegis and 1-2 gallons of water a day. Pretty much just the basics right now. Gene really want me to build a solid base and then shred up when we get closer to competition.

I am planning on a show in September, I was shooting for May but Gene said he would recommend doing a later one because he would hate for me to look flat on stage and then get mad at him haha... So September it is, he knows best!!! I will be posting some more pictures soon. Thanks again for checkin out my blog and following me along my journey!!!!

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