Friday, January 18, 2013


Well I am about a week in a half into training and it's going pretty well I will be meeting with my trainer Gene Nelson this Saturday to practice my posing I am pretty excited but nervous at the same time. I think the reason for the nerves is because Gene has been doing this for 25yrs and knows exactly what he is doing and what he is looking for. I know he will push me as hard as he can to get me to reach my full potential and that's the exciting part for me I know that I will be able to get it done with a lot of practice and hard work.

As for my diet, it is going great. I am eating between 30-40oz of lean protein (chicken breast, fish or lean beef), 2-3 protein shakes, 3-4 cups of some kind of complex carbs (whole wheat pasta, brown rice or quinoa) and 2-3 cups of vegis and 1-2 gallons of water a day. Pretty much just the basics right now. Gene really want me to build a solid base and then shred up when we get closer to competition.

I am planning on a show in September, I was shooting for May but Gene said he would recommend doing a later one because he would hate for me to look flat on stage and then get mad at him haha... So September it is, he knows best!!! I will be posting some more pictures soon. Thanks again for checkin out my blog and following me along my journey!!!!

Friday, January 4, 2013


Why I want to be Natural BodyBuilder? That's a great question. A lot of people think it's just a bunch of meat heads lifting heavy weights, well to tell you the truth yeah it is but what people don't understand and don't realize is all the hard work and dedication that goes into bodybuilding and dieting the right way and being disciplined enough not to stray away from it and not being satisfied with the just in life. I have heard people say there is no way I could eat like that or train that hard but I think that is one of the biggest things that drives me is knowing that if I put in the work and I diet right that when I get on that stage I will kill it and be crowned champion. But for me why I want to be a bodybuilder is the challenge within myself that I as a person have to be motivated day in and day out to see the results that I want and not want to give up or just say I'm too sore to go to the gym and train or I had a long day at work I will go tomorrow. It's having the will power to get up get in the gym and train. If it doesn't happen or you don't get the results its because of YOU!!! There is nobody to blame but yourself you have to find it with in yourself to become something great!!! That's why I want to be a Bodybuilder. Along my journey I will have my AMAZING wife Rachel right by my side to help me keep my diet in check and prepping all my food (she is an amazing cook by the way) and also I will have my Bodybuilding coach Gene Nelson from Salt Lake City,Ut that has been a Natural Bodybuilder for over 25 years. I am excited to begin this journey. In this blog I will post my tips, my workouts, my nutrition and supplements that I am taking, also I will post pictures to show you my progress. I hope everybody enjoys and thank you for following my blog!!!